Analista de RH


Buscamos profissionais com paixão por vencer, com gana e movidos por desafios para integrar nossa equipe na Continental em Ponta Grossa. Venha fazer parte do nosso time!

Responsabilidades e atribuições

  • Set up/update/close personnel files, sign/fill/amend employment contracts/employment letters and reference letters and related communication
  • Provide relevant information to maintain HR master and payroll-related data (including Executives/Senior Executives)
  • Maintain HR master and payroll-related data in HR IT systems
  • Collect and administrate data for employee work time, overtime, allowances (e. g. payment for night shift), stand-by-time and absenteeism (vacation/ sickness)
  • Administrate work schedules
  • Set and maintain the parameters according legal requirements and work agreements in the corresponding time management systems
  • Process employee payroll (incl. all activities to calculate the payments, to carry out the payment transaction and all related posting of financial transactions to individual accounts, authorities and company internal cost centers)
  • Calculate tax or other state-regulated reductions (e.g. for social security), posting them to the accounts and paying them
  • Data Collection: Extraction, conduct and/or enter data for HR related figures for internal (locally or centrally required) reporting requirements and external requests
  • All activities related to HR topics in legally required audits (conducted by external institutions)
  • All activities related to HR topics in other internal audits (e.g. Corporate Audits, …)
  • Provide analysis of severance cost in operations shutdown
  • Provide analysis of labor cost in mergers and acquisitions
  • Provide analysis of costs for emergency collective vacations

Requisitos e qualificações

local labor law knowledge

hours appointment control

previous experience with payroll

Informações adicionais

Oferecemos benefícios como plano de saúde, vale-alimentação, refeição no local, Gympass, dentre outros.

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